Vintage Wedding Ideas: Romantic Invitation Suite by Fine Day Press, Austin, Texas

I’m a modern gal, it’s true. Aesthetically, I tend to gravitate towards cleaner styles, sans serifs, bright whites. But I welcome the chance to expand my aesthetic horizons and I truly love collaborating with other wedding vendors, so this wedding inspiration shoot was an opportunity I was thrilled to be a part of. For this 30’s inspired wedding imagery, shot here in Austin at Hillside Farmacy, I teamed up with photographer Amber Vickery and a group of talented vendors. Read on for more details… → Read more

Our top beach wedding invitations6 Perfect Beach Wedding Invitations

While compiling this list of my favorite beach wedding invitations from our collection, I couldn’t help but reminisce a bit about my own wedding. My husband and I got married at the beach, so obviously I am a huge fan of beach weddings, and destination weddings in general. An hour or so before I was due to walk down the aisle, the skies opened up and filled with rain, thunder and lightning. You guys, it seriously poured!!! And I got a little freaked out. BUT, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we had the most beautiful rainbow and an incredible sunset as a backdrop for our post-ceremony pics.

When I think of beach weddings, I think of beautiful ocean waves and soft pastel colors in the sky. Watercolor is the perfect medium for beach wedding invitations – it really captures that romantic oceanside vibe. Blues, mints, blushes, and sandy neutrals all work as beach-friendly color palettes. See the list below for my fave beach wedding invitation ideas:

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Wedding Inspiration Boards

Hi guys! Here is a collection of some of my favorite wedding inspiration mini-boards. I feature these once a week on our Instagram feed – all of them include one of our watercolor wedding invitations combined with lovely inspiration built around a theme – like “greenery-inspired”. I have a lot of fun making these, and it’s a great little creative exercise. For more wedding inspiration, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!

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Brush Lettering 101 at The Paper + Craft Pantry

Here are some photos from my recent Brush Lettering 101 workshop at The Paper + Craft Pantry!

I helped my attendees “brush up” (I couldn’t resist) on their lettering skills by starting out with practice brushstrokes and then practicing the alphabet. We then did a practice phrase together, breaking it down into a step-by-step process of individual strokes. In the last part of the class, through another multi-step process, we made an art print on watercolor paper. It was really cool to see confidence develop and personal styles emerge over the course of the workshop.

Below are a few of my brush lettering tips and material suggestions: → Read more

Hey Austin peeps! I’m teaming up with The Paper + Craft Pantry in East Austin to bring you another creative workshop event. I’ll be teaching an Abstract Painting workshop on Thursday, June 16th at 6:30 pm.

Remember how fun finger painting was as a kid? It’s time to re-capture that feeling of freedom and play, but this time, in a grown-up way (and with brushes) – no painting experience required!

I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process I use to create an abstract art print. Then, you’ll create your own playful compositions with a bright, fun color palette.

Plus, we’ll have some sips and treats, and other goodies. Come and join the fun!

In celebration of the workshop, ALL (yep, every single one) of our Art Prints are 30% off! Use the code ARTSALE at checkout.

We’ve finally come to the last post in our Invitation 101 series. Thanks for reading and learning along with us! You can view all 5 posts here on our blog.

Invitation Mailing

You’ve spent countless hours picking out just the right invitation suite, and possibly months agonizing over every little detail from the wording to the printing – Don’t just fling those beauties in the mail like last month’s electric bill! Take a few moments to plan using our invitation mailing tips below; I promise it will be worth the effort! → Read more

Welcome to the fourth installment of our Invitation 101 series, all about wedding invitations.

Wording & Etiquette  (and When to Break the Rules)

Simply put, your invitation wording style should match the tone of your wedding ceremony. Will your wedding be traditional, formal, religious, secular, casual, fun, laid-back? Whatever adjectives describe your big day, those can be your guide when you’re crafting the language of your invitation. Of course, your stationer (Fine Day Press included!) will be adept at providing insight as well as grammatical and logistical know-how.

The Rules  (Should you Choose to Follow Them)

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. But you have to know the rules in order to decide which ones you want to break. → Read more

S U M M E R   S A L E

Invitations, stationery, art prints & more are on sale, hooray! Get 30% off on stationery items with coupon code Summer30 and 10% off of invitation orders with coupon code Summer10. It’s a great time to stock up on cards or get your custom invitation order started.

I’ll be back with another Invitation 101 post later this week.

Welcome to part three of our Invitation 101 series, sharing our best tips & tricks on the wedding invitation process.

Psst…The pattern above is part of our new watercolor invitation series. Stay tuned for the launch in the next few weeks.


When it comes to printing invitations, the options really are endless. Often budget may play a role in what printed method you choose. If your stationery budget is on the smaller side, digital will be the way to go. For a no-holds-barred affair, on the other hand, you might combine a few different printing methods, like letterpress, foil stamping and edge painting. If these terms have you scratching you head, read on…. → Read more

Hey there! Welcome to part two of our Invitation 101 series, all about wedding invitations. Over the last 5 years, we’ve learned a few tricks to streamline the process, and we’re sharing them with you here.

Psst…The pattern above is part of our new watercolor invitation series. Stay tuned for the launch in the next few weeks.


Keep the invitation process stress-free by allowing yourself lots of time! Start thinking about your invitations as early as possible in your wedding planning process. This could be a year or more in advance. Last-minute invitations would not be fun, not to mention the rush charges you might incur could blow your budget.

Click to download our Invitation Timeline cheat sheet:


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