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Invitation Mailing

You’ve spent countless hours picking out just the right invitation suite, and possibly months agonizing over every little detail from the wording to the printing – Don’t just fling those beauties in the mail like last month’s electric bill! Take a few moments to plan using our invitation mailing tips below; I promise it will be worth the effort!

1. Plan Ahead

Make sure you have extra envelopes* in case of any addressing errors. About 10% over is a good rule of thumb – but, if using a calligrapher, be sure to ask her if more are needed. You’ll also want a few extra invitations on hand for last-minute guests, and just in case one gets lost in the mail (it happens).
*Psst – we automatically include 10% extra with every order. Hooray!

2. Weights & Measures

Note the size of your invitation and compare it to the post office standard sizes. Did you know that square invitations require extra postage? Yep! They sure do. The same goes for double-thick stock. And if you’ve got extras like an events card, directions card, ribbons, bows, bells or whistles, you’ll want to take a completed envelope suite to the post office for weighing. They can tell you the exact postage amount you’ll need, and help you find a stamp (or stamps) to match. 
Don’t forget to take into account any international guests – When addressing, put these in a separate pile and have the post office determine the correct postage for each.

3. Put a Stamp On It

Consider postage as another design element you can add! Why not make the envelope as pretty as the invitation inside? The P.O. usually has a few different love themed options, and I’ve been impressed with their design savvy in recent years (like these Louise Fili stunners ). We can even design a custom stamp to match your invitation. Or, if you’re feeling diy, you can create your own at And remember that your reply envelopes will also need a first class stamp – don’t leave your guests scrambling for postage to send back their rsvp.

4. Let ‘em fly

You’ve done your homework! Time to send those beautiful babies out into the world.

One last pro tip: Request hand-canceling. There can be an extra charge for this beyond 50 pieces, but it’s worth it to not have that bummer of a barcode printed along the bottom of all of your gorgeous envelopes.

Happy Mailing!

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